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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Sometimes photographs are more than pictures! sometimes friends and more than just people!

Self Portrait 2
Psychenaut-  Traveller within and without
(soft pastels and collage on canvas 16X20)

Inspired by a photograph of self, the love of travel, landscapes and places both external and internal to Self; and ethos of Romanticism.

*Dedicated to 2 friends, lost and found!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


While still exploring the Voices and Silences, all i am certain about is that both are a part of  ' Bani ' literally and metaphorically!

Monday, March 24, 2014


मैंने तो तेरे, तेरे उत्ते छड्डियां डोरियाँ 
I have left all the strings to be taken care off by you
(lyrics: Highway song Patakha Guddi , composition AR Rehman)

Much has been discussed intellectually about surrender and 'going with the flow', personally, but when it comes to practice, who hasn't struggled; unless you are a realized soul , of whom, i have met very few!

Life is actually like Rainbow Grey these days... =) can't decide whether i'm moving in THE direction, but i'm moving in some direction nevertheless! who knows what awaits next? A paradigm shift is happening. there's this happy kind of confusion and chaos... not the the one i used to feel uncomfortable in, but one that makes me feel there is somewhere where I 'belong', so why so much resistance and struggle and anger at the Universe? What for? 
Who am I fighting anyway? What am I trying to prove anyway?
It's a strange comfort to be studying what you like and liking what you study! I certainly am... and all that evades is a slight smile to all the wonderful batch mates cribbing and whining about how much they feel discontented. I don't know what I'm going to do with art, theatre and psychology; but surely it's a new space i'm entering and exploring. I belong everywhere and nowhere! It is nice to discover and Accept own paradoxes before reaching out to anyone else (if that is meant to!)

Not that I don't feel unsettled anymore, but learning to "hand over to the universe" to take care of the 'results' and 'circumstances'. Life has a funny way of teaching you things. Bringing back old people, starting where you 'lefted it'  or gifting you with new moments, a speck of dust (tinka) that doesn't pinch in your eyes anymore, but settles somewhere, finds its own place with time...

Thank you...

Sharing a beautiful lullaby i'm stuck to these days, some beautiful metaphors at work. Gonna surely sing this to my kid in future! (or already am?!)  :D

Song: Sooha Saaha
Movie: Highway
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Zeb (of Zeb and Haniya), Alia Bhatt

Maina ne sooha saaha le jaana khoye ki
Meethi meethi kheti mein khelan ho..
Totaa bole pedon pe, ped se, poodi se
Sooha saaha neendan mein okha na ho
Sangi saathi, hang soone thaare ho na ho*
Sooha saaha, amma ka..
Sooha saaha, amma ka..

Sparrow will take the red rabbit to play 
in the sweet farms of milk solids..
parrot speaks on trees, to tree, to poodi,
that the red rabbit shouldn't be finding it hard to sleep..
maybe there are your friends there or not,
the red rabbit of mother..
the red rabbit of mother..

Kaare kaare koylaan si raina
Neendi tola, tola si lai na
Taaron ka bichhona.. chain se sona

night like black coals,
Take (gold like) small, small sleep.. 
[tola is a traditional measurement of gold, almost 10 grams]
bedding of stars, sleep with peace..

Gota gota gudri mein ghoomega ghaamega
Sooha saaha maina ne le jaana ho..

he'll roam wearing shiny patched clothes,
red rabbit which the sparrow has to take..

Toota.. taara sa
Chhota sa, taara sa.. toota re..
Poochhe wo dekhun teri baari
Kyun na soye, kyun tu roye
Kyun tu khoye yoon pardes mein ho..

Broke, as if some star,
small one, some star seemed to break, [shooting star is called breaking of star in Hindi]
It asks me if I wait for your turn..
Why do you not sleep, why do you cry,
why do you get lost in foreign land like that..

Kyun tu rootha, kis se rootha
Kya hai chhoota tera des mein ho..

Why are you angry, and angry with whom?
What is left of yours in (our native) country?

Jo bhi hai rookha-sookha
Mann mein wo bolo toh
Kholon raahein baaton ki, baahein ho..

Whatever dry you have
in your heart, say..
open the paths, the arms of talks.. 

(source: Sooha Saha )

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Urdu Day #2

Am i dreaming?! I certainly think I am... i know it might not be a great deal for a lot many people to learn a 'language' but learning Urdu script is a dream come true!
And... just now my teacher (actually anyone till now..) just told me that i have a nice handwriting!!! :O
I don't think that is ever going to happen in English... but this script itself is a work of art!

So why Urdu? what am i going to do with it? (a typical question, that was asked in my first class)
There are many reasons though i was never able to say all of them.
a) I knew for quite some time that both sides of my grandfathers used to write in urdu...but never got an opportunity to learn from either of them. =( So how can the art in the generation not be kept alive?! :P
b) As i said, i always found it as a work of art... and at some point (hopefully) i'd want to use the script in MY art too
c) Read and write of course. I am big fan of poetry... would want to try and read as much as i can !

Hoping to never lose this excitement... ;)

My second class already... and sharing the first short story that i deciphered and copied!

~desiring perfection...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Perpetual beggary?

A few months back I was cribbing to my theatre teacher, expressing my fears of thoughts of never being able to earn a living owing to my wandering mind and expensive 'hobby' of art. I was told to pick up a biography of any artist, and I picked up Lust for Life. And here we have Vincent describing his state of perpetual beggary along with many other artists. * holding my stomach and laughing* [not on them ofcourse, but on my silly fears... holding me back.] I have got my lesson, hope you have got yours! =)

Two birds sit on the golden bough
of the pippal tree
One eats
the sweet fruit
The other watches.
Both are happy
One is happier.
-Svetasvatara Upanishad IV:6

drawing inspiration: The Art of Looking Sideways

Sunday, September 15, 2013

"You show me Me, and then I show You more of Me..."

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Untitled. 22"15".  6.6.13 (First shower storm in the scorching heat in Delhi- Rainy Days are crazy =)

Sunday, March 10, 2013



Free Association.

Mahakala: “On one hand there is the Saguna Brahman, the samsara, which is the infinity of forms, endless. On the other, the Nirguna Brahman, which is formless infinity, absolutely no form, zero as far as form is concerned. Between these two, connecting them together is Mahakala. He is the fulcrum, the tangent between Infinity and Zero.

Smarahara: “In Sanskrit, the word for memory and the word for the God of lust is the same: Smara. Desire is the cause of all karma, and when desire is destroyed memory too will go, and you will be free. That is why Losd Shiva is called Smarahara (meaning Destroyer of Lust as well as Destroyer of Memory.) Sma in grammar means “past”. Memory is the only past.  Sma-rahara is He who transforms you from present tense to past tense. He who kills you. Sma-shan is the place where you go from present to past, where you are transformed from existence into a memory.”

Kita bramari nyaya- the Law of Caterpillar and Butterfly: whatever you concentrate on you will eventually become.

Dhuni- sadhu’s fire

Kamaturnam na bhayam na lajja”: fear and shame do not exist for those afflicted with the disease of desire. 

The expression of Shakti in the physical body is Prana, the life force, the power which keeps body, mind and spirit functioning together as a living unit.

Third Eye

“My forehead aches a lot while meditating. It’s uncontrollable”.

“Why is there creation? Because of friction. Without friction there is no creation. And wherever there is friction, there is fire. Can you produce fire without friction? No. Unless you take it directly from the sun, using a magnifying glass for instance.”

"can you control creation? Art is my supreme creative expression. Free". 

‘Where even ravi (the sun) cannot reach, there will go a kavi (poet). But that does not go far enough. I say, ‘where even a kavi cannot reach, there will go an anubhavi (experiencer).”

Two souls merge into one another, can anyone describe it?

Ekamukhalingam. (completed on Mahashivratri 2012). pencil and silver paint on paper. 
Reference: Shiva Temple, Bhumara, Madhya Pradesh. 

On Mukhalingam- Read Iconography 

This journey of self exploration continues. 
content and satisfied. 
moving forward. 
already in love with 2013. 
with a smile. =) wish you all a very Happy Mahashivaratri! blessed be with wisdom and love. 

*Deep gratitude to Mom, for holding my hand and pushing me to discover/know/realize Shiva. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chapter 24

' Man is the infinite circle whose circumference is nowhere but whose center is located in one spot;
And God is the infinite circle whose circumference is nowhere but whose center is everywhere.
Man can be God and acquire control over the universe if he multiplies infinitely his center of self consciousness.'
(Source: Vendanta, The Voice of Freedom by Swami Vivekananda)

Chakras. A3. pencil colours and paint on paper
Crown Chakra.
Sound: NNG
I realize

Third Eye Chakra
Sound: AUM
I see
Throat Chakra
Sound: HAM
I speak
Heart Chakra
Sound: YAM
I love 

Solar Plexus Chakra
Sound- RAM
I Do

Sacral Chakra
Sound- VAM
I Feel
Root Chakra
Sound- LAM
I Am

[ Inspiration: 5 years of meditation and my sister gifting me a Heart Chakra T-shirt coincidentally when she didn't even know what it meant ;) ]

Monday, August 20, 2012


kajal,pencils and dry pastel on paper

All Or Nothing At All
All or nothing at all
Half a love never appealed to me
If your heart never could yield to me
Then I'd rather have nothing at all

All or nothing at all
If it's love there ain't no in-between
Why begin and cry for something that might have been
No I'd rather have nothing at all

Please don't put your lips so close to my cheek
Don't smile or I'll be lost beyond recall
The kiss in your eyes the touch of your hand makes me weak
And my heart may grow dizzy and fall

And if I fell under the spell of your call
I would be caught in the undertow
So you see I've got to say no
All or nothing at all


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Art and symbolism

Hello readers, I found an envelope of paintings i had kept away somewhere, and had almost forgotten about them! Did them last year- June 2011...when i was experimenting with Symbolism.

A3, colored ink on paper


                     Dream Within a Dream


Two of a Kind


Monday, June 18, 2012

Chalte chalte yuhin koi mil gaya tha...

For the most graceful and beautiful Kathak dancer i've known as a friend.
You might leave dance but the dance will never leave you! =)

water based pencil colours  & silver pen on paper. January 2012. collection: Sanjana Kapoor

Pakeezah song Chalte Chalte
" Ye chiraag bhuj rahe hain... mere saath jalte jalte "

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sleep,1937, oil on canvas. Salvador Dali 

" The fact that I myself don't immediately understand my paintings does not imply that they don't have any meaning. On the contrary, their meaning is so deep, systematic and complex that their interpretation requires scientific knowledge... They are the precise expression of a secret, symbolic language of the subconscious."
Salvador Dali, 1976

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Indian Psychology- Vedanta

Alter Ego.2011

Vedanta is one of the six major schools of Brahminical philosophy. It is one of the school of thought that makes me think and remains insatiable however more I read about it.Needless to mention, its concepts have certainly influenced my art(some of which I'll display later). Sharing the basic concepts of Advaita Vedanta as I use this space to 'practice' for my upcoming exam.

This Indian school of thought presents the Advaita or non-dualist Vedantic view of consciousness. Vedanta literally means the end of Vedas, the most ancient scriptures of Hindus. It represents the highest culmination of the philosophic thought of the Vedic sages. The Upanishads form the basic authoritative source of Vedantic doctrines apart from the Vedas. The third important source is Bhagvad Gita.  During the early 9th century, Sankara(788-820) wrote commentaries on all these sources of Vedantic thought.

The fundamental doctrine of Vedanta is that there is a single principle which underlies the infinite variety of forms that manifest themselves in the Universe. This principle is called Brahman which is said to be formless, without any qualities and essentially indescribable. The nature of Brahman has been described with a triology of terms Being(sat), Consciousness(cit) and Bliss(ananda). Atman or the self is identical with the Brahman, the cosmic principle. One realizes the identity of the Self with that of the Brahman or Universal Self(Paramatman) in a superior state of consciousness called Nirvikalpa samadhi.Sankara suggested that all objects of the universe are but illusory transformations(vivarta) of the formless Brahman. The world as we see it is thus considered to be a Grand Illusion or Maya.
Sankara describes two types of knowledge-Para vidya and apara vidya
Para vidya is obtained in the experience of the identity of the Atman with the Brahman in the state of Nirvikalpa samadhi. It is the highest form of knowledge where one transcends knower-known distinction.
Apara vidya refers to knowledge of the phenomenal world. In this domain, space and time(desa, lala) and principles of causality are operational. Rules of logic operate under apara vidya.

Further, the world of Maya is governed by the Law of Karma and the continual changes in the world are ascribed to the interplay of three 'strands' or gunas namely sattva, rajas, tamas.

The Vedantic concept of Jiva('life'. 'living being') is similar to the contemporary concept of personality. The Jiva represents everything concerning the individual and is viewed a s a multi-layered entity in which 5 layers are encased in one another as concentric sheaths of onion covering the Atman. These 5 layers are:
1) Annamaya kosa- The outermost shell is the body. It is called the sheath of food(anna), since it may perish for want of nourishment.
2) Pranamaya kosa- Prana means energy. It is the next layer inside, which literally means "breath of life" It is sustained by breathing-inhaling, exhaling etc. It is the physiological processed that organize the bodily functions.
3) Manomaya kosa- Mana means mind. It involves the sense organs and the mind coordinates its functions. It is the level of processing thoughts and emotions. It is considered a seat of egoistic striving. (ahamkar)
4) Vijnanamaya kosa- Vijnana means knowing. It constitutes the intellect and represents the cognitive aspects of self.
5) Anandamaya kosa- It is the innermost core of Jiva and the seat of the experience of the bliss.

According to Sankara we have a Gross body and a Subtle body. The Subtle body consists of 5 motor organs, 5 sense organs and then the innermost instrument consisting of:
1. Mind(manas)- involved in analysis of ideas, synthesis of ideas and desicion making.
2. The Intellect(Buddhi)- involved in planning and decision making.
3. Ego(ahamkar)- seat of self awareness and arrogance
4. Psyche(citta)- involved in remembering or storage of traces left behind by past actions and experiences.

Vedanta also describes Four states of consciousness:
1. Wakefulness (jagrti)- Where the gross as well as the subtle body remain active. Jiva is involved in the enjoyment of object of pleasure. Orientation is outward bound since it is directed towards external objects.
2. Dream (svapna)- It is the intermediary state between wakefulness and deep sleep. The Gross body and the senses are at rest, the jiva is cut off from the external world but subtle body is active. The intellect(buddhi) assumes the role of experiencer and doer and 'creates' objects for its own experience of enjoyment or suffering. Sankara emphasizes the illusory nature of dreams.
3. Deep sleep (susupti)
4. Fourth state (turiya)- which is used to refer to the trance state of nirvikalpa samadhi. One who achives this state realizes that the world as he saw it during wakeful state is also illusory or unreal. In the fourth state one transcends intentionality(directedness to an outside object). The knower of Brahman becomes Brahman. The person stands above pride and prejudice, manifesting the ideal human condition called sthitaprajna.

Means of attaining superior state of consciousness:
1. Discrimination between permanent and impermanent. Only Brahman is permanent, the phenomenal world is impermanent.
2. Involves maintaining an attitude of detachment.
3. Acquisition of 6 virtues:
a) sama- controlling the mind to rest it steadily on one objective
b) dama- withdrawing the senses from objects of pleasure
c) uparati- preventing the mind from modifying itself as modified when controlled by external objects.
d) titiksa- enduring hardships or pain without lamenting or becoming anxious.
e) sraddha- adopting an attitude of conviction that the theory explained by the scriptures and the directions provided by the teacher(guru) are the correct means for the knowledge of Reality.
f) samadhana- the firm resting of the mind of formless brahman without indulging the mind.
4. The fourth is the cultivation of the intense desire for liberation of the bonds created by egoism and ignorance.

Source: Paranjpe, A.C. Theoretical Psychology : The Meeting of East and West. (1894).Consciousness:The Two Indian views of Yoga and Vedanta.

P.S.- More on Vedanta may be later. The Readers are requested to please suggest some books for further reading on Indian Psychology.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Between Night and Morn

Crescent moon. 2009. charcoal and ink on paper

Continuing with Kahlil Gibran, sharing my favourite lines from the Book Between Night and Morn.

~Be silent, my heart, until Dawn comes,
For he who patiently awaits the morn
Will meet him surely, and he who loves
The light will be loved by the light...

...Be silent, my heart, until Morn comes,
For he who awaits patiently the coming
Of Dawn will be embraced longingly by
Dawn is breaking.Speak if you are able,
My heart.Here is the procession of
Morningtide...Why do you not speak?
Has not the silence of night left
A song in your inner depths with which
You may meet Dawn? [Between Night and Morn]

~"Hypocrisy will always remain, even if her finger tips are coloured and polished;and Deceit will never change even if her touch becomes soft and delicate; and Falsehood will never turn into Truth even if you dress her with silken robes and place her in the palace;and Greed will not become Contentment;nor will Crime become virtue. And Eternal Slavery to teachings, to customs, and to history will remain Slavery even if she paints her face and disguises her voice. Slavery will remain Slavery in all her horrible form,even if she calls herself Liberty." [The Tempest, Part three]