Friday, February 11, 2011


न -अहम्  चक्रम  अस्मि
अहम्  तु  केवलं  तस्य  एकम  बिंदु  अस्मि...
An exploration... from Aham 'अहम्' to Maha 'माहा'

"Bindu is variously described by teachers as the essence of speech (sabdatattva), unsound word, Brahman Kundalini, the stable, knowledge, energy, the transcendent one, the primal sound, the great 'maya', the void and unstruck sound.
Bindu, literally meaning a drop or a point, 'drapsa' in Vedic Sanskrit, and 'avayava', body according to Panini, prominently refers to the point which goes to form a material body of the universe.
Mahabindu or simply bindu is said to be the seed of creation. It is this manifest form of 'thisness' from which the whole creation receives its nourishment.
Mahabindu has two aspects, one being that of evolution from which everything proceeds, is maintained and nourished, while the other is that of involution in which everything goes back to the source and finally merges in i-consciousness"

"Force without face
Matrix of forms
And rampant against forms
In space an eye without face contemplates"
-Henri Michaux

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


" A wanderer is not an escape artist, and one is not a lonely number."
These words kept ringing in my ears as i (along with my friend) went on an exploration today..., to the places unknown to us. No, we did not go on a road trip to any forest, hills, beaches or plains but out of sheer boredom and availability of 'time' (=/)  set out to explore our own college and discovered some really interesting places.

Random Walking: I always wonder why we do 'random walking exercise' in every theatre workshop... But bah.. it helps! ;)
So as we started walking towards the back-lawns of our college, i came across a really spooky yet mystic tree! Ah! how much i love trees... Barren. Yet a creative spree!
Guess,  it acted as my incentive to keep walking in anticipation of more beauty...

Walking further, we entered a nursery.
Green. Quiet. Tranquil.
Just us (both) and them (plants).
A breath of life, eloquent in its silence.
Little did we both realize that we ended up spending 45minutes in that nursery. Quite less...but seemed like an unfathomable sea of time...
Little (barely) did we talk, but heard the unheard.. the अनसुनी ...
The chirrupings of birds, the rustling of leaves, the sound of wind...  i was filled to the brim! =)

But i was receiving more...
Ashes. A pool of ashes caught my eyes. Wood ash. And i knew in that very instance that i HAD to collect some of it. There is something strange about ashes (apart from its Greyness, texture, taste and form) that arouses a feeling of awe in me. It is charged with 'is-ness'. It is what it is. The Allness and Infinity, an Identity (lost or found) in its own... Yet, it's not. 

Time if in a wink... and we observed more...
Another wanderer, like us. An eagle flying above us in the open skies. Seeking, searching for its 'prey'. (probably). We don't know if it found one...
But we surely felt prey to all this grandiose beauty that we saw, heard, smelt and felt...

"It's hard to stay mad when there's so much beauty in the world.
Sometimes i feel like i'm seeing it all at once.
and it's too much...
My heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst.
and then i remember to relax...
And stop trying to hold on to it.
and then it flows through me like rain...
and i can't feel anything But
Gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life... "

*Silence.* We all shared that Universe of silence.

and we came back... trampling on those 'Fallen Angels'...
my friend

I better RELAX... and go paint... =)