Friday, March 22, 2013

A beautiful kind of madness...

Just so to update you, i am in the middle of getting my feet wet in the 2 most awaited events which i was looking forward to since a long time. The journey , though has just begun...
My desperate quest for knowing/understanding/learning Indian psychology has gifted me with a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a 4 day academic seminar and rigorous workshops ( ) with some of the best practitioners in this field from East and West. It was my first day today, and I am already filled to the brim! No points for guessing, I have high hopes and expectations from these four days of immersion in my own cultural philosophy.

Also equally exciting is the Centre exhibition ( ) which is to take place this weekend. I have, in  my own small ways, since many years, dedicated a part of my so called 'artistic abilities' to be manifested in any kind of re-cycling and re-using objects of daily use. There is a wonderful joy in just painting an old envelope or a paper bag to make it re-usable or using it as a canvas that  i can't explain!  This exhibition, primarily centering on just BEING (which i buy the way, absolutely love) is just another attempt to have fun with myself and self-absorb in some of the most simplest things i like to pursue which is making bookmarks, diaries, pens made of newspaper, and my newly discovered love of making fountain pens out of wood...

A sneak peek into my 'products' for this year! Hoping to have fun in this year's Exhi-sale !

A few hand made diaries, primarily reusing Wedding Cards

My quintessential bookmarks! =)

My newspaper pens! ;)

Newly tried old-styled fountain pens, for you to paint or try your hand at calligraphy! Made of simple nib, wood and feathers (self discovered and hand picked, i really love to pick up scraps from roads! :D ) Let's see how many 'mad' people like me are going to use it ! ;) 

Religiously restoring my sister's Tatting (threadwork jewellery) pattern-scraps to make make them into usable key chains! =)
Looking forward for other interesting stuff and feedback too ! more updates later!

Enjoy your weekend,
Love, Light and vibrant Colours!

Sunday, March 10, 2013



Free Association.

Mahakala: “On one hand there is the Saguna Brahman, the samsara, which is the infinity of forms, endless. On the other, the Nirguna Brahman, which is formless infinity, absolutely no form, zero as far as form is concerned. Between these two, connecting them together is Mahakala. He is the fulcrum, the tangent between Infinity and Zero.

Smarahara: “In Sanskrit, the word for memory and the word for the God of lust is the same: Smara. Desire is the cause of all karma, and when desire is destroyed memory too will go, and you will be free. That is why Losd Shiva is called Smarahara (meaning Destroyer of Lust as well as Destroyer of Memory.) Sma in grammar means “past”. Memory is the only past.  Sma-rahara is He who transforms you from present tense to past tense. He who kills you. Sma-shan is the place where you go from present to past, where you are transformed from existence into a memory.”

Kita bramari nyaya- the Law of Caterpillar and Butterfly: whatever you concentrate on you will eventually become.

Dhuni- sadhu’s fire

Kamaturnam na bhayam na lajja”: fear and shame do not exist for those afflicted with the disease of desire. 

The expression of Shakti in the physical body is Prana, the life force, the power which keeps body, mind and spirit functioning together as a living unit.

Third Eye

“My forehead aches a lot while meditating. It’s uncontrollable”.

“Why is there creation? Because of friction. Without friction there is no creation. And wherever there is friction, there is fire. Can you produce fire without friction? No. Unless you take it directly from the sun, using a magnifying glass for instance.”

"can you control creation? Art is my supreme creative expression. Free". 

‘Where even ravi (the sun) cannot reach, there will go a kavi (poet). But that does not go far enough. I say, ‘where even a kavi cannot reach, there will go an anubhavi (experiencer).”

Two souls merge into one another, can anyone describe it?

Ekamukhalingam. (completed on Mahashivratri 2012). pencil and silver paint on paper. 
Reference: Shiva Temple, Bhumara, Madhya Pradesh. 

On Mukhalingam- Read Iconography 

This journey of self exploration continues. 
content and satisfied. 
moving forward. 
already in love with 2013. 
with a smile. =) wish you all a very Happy Mahashivaratri! blessed be with wisdom and love. 

*Deep gratitude to Mom, for holding my hand and pushing me to discover/know/realize Shiva.