Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The pain is not a final destination.

Been thinking a lot lately about Time, Moments, People, Love, Pain and Pleasure. Love winter rain...
hope you all are doing well.. just felt like sharing these 2 songs that I'm stuck to at the moment... Enjoy and be well =) !

"The pain is not a final destination"

                                          Another version of Back to Black of Amy Winehouse

                                                    Baby it's cold outside- Lady Antebellum

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Time's a thief,
a stench of truth.
And moments are the dust in your eyes.
Sometimes, racing past you
Sometimes carrying you with itself.
Can you catch this dust?

Dust, that sometimes decorates your porcelain skin
as glitter around your eyes?
Dust, that at other times hypnotizes you
causing an episodic fugue?
Can you catch that dust?

Will you promise to catch this dust for me
and save in a jar called Nothing?
Will you promise love, not to label this star-dust?
and let it be OURS, forever...

1.12.12, 12:20 am.