Sunday, October 28, 2012

Are you blind?

Firstly, I'm really happy to invite you all to one of my last 'performances' in college. After a month of directing  my juniors, I myself feel like going up on the stage and acting! Been really long..but then, it's kind of hard for me to facilitate and act at the same time. Today I'm remembering my dear seniors and 'teachers' who have given me some amazing moments on stage as co- actors as well as directors. We're nearing our performance..and the cast is all geared up. One thing I've realized about myself is that I really love working with amateur actors. I love workshopping with them.. It's so raw and beautiful and genuine! I'm going to miss all this... Anyway, so here's an open invitation to you all! :P

There's another thing i feel like writing about.. probably as means of catharsis. Something that has been irritating me since yesterday.. I was there at college yesterday, and reached there a little early for practice. Seemed like there was some event yesterday since it was buzzing with people from other colleges. So there's a place just outside our auditorium, a space between 4 pillars where students usually decorate Rangoli or an installation depending on what the event is. Yesterday the place was decorated with a beautiful rangoli. As I was sitting, waiting in the foyer, I noticed a girl run over the rangoli, and I literally had a jaw drop. I was shocked and before i could tell her, she ran away. Probably she was in a hurry. I got back to reading my book, when again I noticed a guy walk over the rangoli as if he was completely blind! :O That was the time I snapped and asked him why couldn't he walk around the pillar rather than walk OVER a piece or art?! It's not even as if there is a lack of space! And the worse thing is that I saw 3 more people doing that. Are people really blind that they can't SEE Art let alone appreciate it.. or they just ignorant!? Not belonging from our college is not even an excuse that i can fathom for such an act! Seeing the rangoli getting spoiled in front of my eyes, while i was there practicing was really really painful! =(

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Violet- Gold


Firstly, the bad news is that i've stopped WRITING the journal. Good thing is that i'm blogging. ;) I should write more...been procrastinating since a long time. As the journey to psychology keeps getting close, somehow developing the skill of writing seems imperative. Nevertheless, may be i'll go back to writing the journal every week, or at least will try to blog.
'Excuses' for all this is that lots of things are happening. Classifying them broadly in 2 categories: Theatre and Psychology.

Last week was crazy. I was asked to help in making some props to be used in a production facilitated by my theatre teacher/s. I was supposed to make 4 "abstract flutes/pipes". Now how does one make an abstract flute?! This involved a lot of trial and error. Finally agreed upon making the flutes with plastic water-bottles, since Sir quite appreciates my effort of re-cycling stuff. Raw structure-done! Now comes the difficult part- the colour and decoration of these flutes! crazy crazy. tried multiple colours-silver, gold, blue, orange. But ended up with the beautiful violet-gold. My love and association with violet-gold light keeps strengthening over the years...i love the way this light energy guides me through.

Another theatre venture that i've undertaken recently is that I'm directing a play. Just a psychology department initiative, but extremely special for me, because i think this is going be my last directorial venture. This play is also special because it is another perspective to another play that i did before. So i like to call it- Black White Etc II. We've picked up the theme of exploring the experience of Motherhood through the eyes of the women (and not the child, as psychology often does). Need your blessings in successful communication and exploration that i hope to do with this piece of art.

Also started my project of understanding the Meditation chakras and it's symbolism, thanks to Carl Jung! Let's see where this goes now...

Moreover, amidst all this psychodrama of life, paid a visit to explore raw idols of one of the Indian Mother Archetype... ;)
~ Embracing and seeking to know 'Ma'. Happy Durga Puja to all!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


My incandescent love for feathers and birds often also makes me accessorize and 'decorate' myself with them! When just recently when my sister teased me, pulling my leg, and a passing a comment that "You have so many feathers now, you better grow some wings?!" hehe..And so I did! found these beautiful 'Wing' earrings for myself, in the most beautiful of places, up north, while i was enjoying a vacation in the middle of beloved clouds and mountains, rain and rainbows! ;)

Journey to Dharamshala...

 A Freebird, black or white
Has flown away, out of sight
Caressing the clouds, into the blue
With wings of change, vivid and new...

 Breaking the cage of inhibition, she flies
The clipped wings unclipped, she dives,
In hues of creation and love that be
Expands gently the more she gives to thee...

Exploring the infinity far and wide
She formulates within,an adventure ride.
Topsy-turvy, the chasm, the abyss
A black cloak with golden lining, in times amiss...