Sunday, March 30, 2014


While still exploring the Voices and Silences, all i am certain about is that both are a part of  ' Bani ' literally and metaphorically!

Monday, March 24, 2014


मैंने तो तेरे, तेरे उत्ते छड्डियां डोरियाँ 
I have left all the strings to be taken care off by you
(lyrics: Highway song Patakha Guddi , composition AR Rehman)

Much has been discussed intellectually about surrender and 'going with the flow', personally, but when it comes to practice, who hasn't struggled; unless you are a realized soul , of whom, i have met very few!

Life is actually like Rainbow Grey these days... =) can't decide whether i'm moving in THE direction, but i'm moving in some direction nevertheless! who knows what awaits next? A paradigm shift is happening. there's this happy kind of confusion and chaos... not the the one i used to feel uncomfortable in, but one that makes me feel there is somewhere where I 'belong', so why so much resistance and struggle and anger at the Universe? What for? 
Who am I fighting anyway? What am I trying to prove anyway?
It's a strange comfort to be studying what you like and liking what you study! I certainly am... and all that evades is a slight smile to all the wonderful batch mates cribbing and whining about how much they feel discontented. I don't know what I'm going to do with art, theatre and psychology; but surely it's a new space i'm entering and exploring. I belong everywhere and nowhere! It is nice to discover and Accept own paradoxes before reaching out to anyone else (if that is meant to!)

Not that I don't feel unsettled anymore, but learning to "hand over to the universe" to take care of the 'results' and 'circumstances'. Life has a funny way of teaching you things. Bringing back old people, starting where you 'lefted it'  or gifting you with new moments, a speck of dust (tinka) that doesn't pinch in your eyes anymore, but settles somewhere, finds its own place with time...

Thank you...

Sharing a beautiful lullaby i'm stuck to these days, some beautiful metaphors at work. Gonna surely sing this to my kid in future! (or already am?!)  :D

Song: Sooha Saaha
Movie: Highway
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Zeb (of Zeb and Haniya), Alia Bhatt

Maina ne sooha saaha le jaana khoye ki
Meethi meethi kheti mein khelan ho..
Totaa bole pedon pe, ped se, poodi se
Sooha saaha neendan mein okha na ho
Sangi saathi, hang soone thaare ho na ho*
Sooha saaha, amma ka..
Sooha saaha, amma ka..

Sparrow will take the red rabbit to play 
in the sweet farms of milk solids..
parrot speaks on trees, to tree, to poodi,
that the red rabbit shouldn't be finding it hard to sleep..
maybe there are your friends there or not,
the red rabbit of mother..
the red rabbit of mother..

Kaare kaare koylaan si raina
Neendi tola, tola si lai na
Taaron ka bichhona.. chain se sona

night like black coals,
Take (gold like) small, small sleep.. 
[tola is a traditional measurement of gold, almost 10 grams]
bedding of stars, sleep with peace..

Gota gota gudri mein ghoomega ghaamega
Sooha saaha maina ne le jaana ho..

he'll roam wearing shiny patched clothes,
red rabbit which the sparrow has to take..

Toota.. taara sa
Chhota sa, taara sa.. toota re..
Poochhe wo dekhun teri baari
Kyun na soye, kyun tu roye
Kyun tu khoye yoon pardes mein ho..

Broke, as if some star,
small one, some star seemed to break, [shooting star is called breaking of star in Hindi]
It asks me if I wait for your turn..
Why do you not sleep, why do you cry,
why do you get lost in foreign land like that..

Kyun tu rootha, kis se rootha
Kya hai chhoota tera des mein ho..

Why are you angry, and angry with whom?
What is left of yours in (our native) country?

Jo bhi hai rookha-sookha
Mann mein wo bolo toh
Kholon raahein baaton ki, baahein ho..

Whatever dry you have
in your heart, say..
open the paths, the arms of talks.. 

(source: Sooha Saha )

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Life Like Rainbow Grey

Welcome all,

Better late than never...

Gratitude to all the appreciation received today... and hoping for another brilliant show tomorrow!
Come join us at American Centre! :D

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