Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ma-er Agomon!


Earthly Pleasures!
In anticipation of the much awaited durga puja, and inspired by the pre puja idols made by the local sculptors, an experience i  wish to integrate with my 'lights'... =)

a raw, unpainted, beautiful durga idol.
installation used in photography: cascade of LED lights.

Installation used:light project through holes in plywood. 
effect of halogen lamp.
sketch used: Fearless (smudged kajal series)

 Location: Shiv Mandir, C.R. Park, New Delhi
Date of visit: September 26,2011
Travel courtesy: Anwesha Bose
 Durga photo and title courtesy: Anwesha Bose

Sunday, September 25, 2011


One of my abstract works which has been subjected to much speculation to the few who have seen it. i wonder why...
Open to your interpretations.
Well, the wait continues... =)
Intzaar [2010] (ink,pencils and charcoal on paper)

the beginning of intzaar
[apologies for the low quality photographs]

it's been on my mind so felt like sharing it: DJ Cheb i Sabbah song- kese kese

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blind Sculptor aka Waking Dream III

Into figurative these days and loving it...
Human body is one of the most amazing much to explore...
some of my first figures... ~desiring perfection.

written on 1.3.11
PS:Expressing gratitude to 'Aks'... who has currently been an 'inspiration' to love and embrace myself which at some point of time in my life seemed unattainable. My only hope of unconditional love in this delusional world.
[a song dedicated to aks- saathi-midival punditz and ustad sultan khan ]

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Áftab Ámad Dalil-i Áftáb

Love, The Hierophant

'Tis heart-ache lays the lover's passion bare:

No sickness with heart-sickness may compare.

Love is a malady apart, the sign

And astrolabe of mysteries Divine.

Whether of heavenly mould or earthly cast,

Love still doth lead us Yonder at the last.

Reason, explaining Love, can naught but flounder

Like ass in mire:Love is Love's own expounder.

Does not the sun himself the sun declare?*

Behold him! All the proof thou seek'st is there.


* The line is a literal translation of the persian analogy 'Áftab Ámad Dalil-i Áftáb' meaning the appearing of the Sun is proof of the Sun and thus metaphorically implying that love indeed needs no explanation. The existence of love, is proof of Love. heh! it's a sort of cyclical reasoning! A-scientific but then as i mentioned before, it has a feel factor attached to it! Hence, according to me, it's completely futile and a waste of time to define love objectively, as humorous it is, to read physicists debate on the existence of the sun!

Silver Dollar.                                        9.7.11