Sunday, November 30, 2014

I want to throw stones at his 'house'

For no particular reason.

I want to tear his curtains apart
So that he sees the light from this side.

I want to break his window sills
So that the breeze hits him hard on his face.

I want to discolour all his walls
So that he perceives what ugly is.

I want to freeze all his doors knobs
So that he knows what freedom is.

But I still want to throw stones at his house...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

ye jo halka halka suroor hai

" मेरे बाद किसको सताओगे ?
मुझे किस तरह मिटाओगे ? 
कहाँ जा के तीर चलाओगे ? 
मेरी दोस्ती की बालाएं दो 
मुझे हाथ उठा कर दुआएं दो 
तुम्हे  एक क़ातिल बना दिया ! "