Saturday, December 25, 2010


Dear 2010,
As I see you going by, i thought i should express my gratitude to you before you leave me!
Thanks for making me feel the pangs of hatred and shades of love...
We shall never meet again! =)
Time to move on...
Blessed be!
Take care...
I'll always be there! :*

~bani =)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The silken zephyr blows through my face,
Shades of grey with silver sparkles
through my soul,the empty space...

The changing seasons have always been amusing to the human mind...
the season of winter too causes ambivalence in our life,Universe and everything around us.
It symbolises death and isolation for some and a beginning and union for others.
Standing amidst all is a tree.., a figment of my imagination.
give it a colour- violet,silver,gold,turquoise, white? (or black?)
give it a voice- agnostic.
give it a shape- abstract

This winter I experienced a journey in its own... Through a face,i give it mine! =) and engaged in a dialogue with this so called multiple branched 'abstract' tree! This season too my friend and i were discussing NUMBNESS, when we boiled down to saying that it can be caused by two factors (broadly speaking!) : extreme pleasure or extreme sadness (oh well, sadness would be an understatement,desolation or melancholy would sound better?! =/ ) But apart from the discussion, i experienced Numbness too this winter... (the reason of which i'm still trying to figure out!) The point i'm trying to make is maybe Numbness doesn't really have a causation... (just a maybe).. It's a void after all... a deep abyss.., the 'grays' in life that i often ignore/d while switching from white to black or vice-versa...

This season too... I caught a glimpse of the Winter Moon
                         and we smiled together at the insipid world of gloom!
                         I touched the fresh morning dew,
                         I saw some flowers,blossomed,yet how few!
                         I stood amidst the Haze, i warmed myself in the 'halki dhoop'
                        And yet again, i start anew...

coz in the end...               "जैसा दर्द हो, वैसा मंज़र होता है 
                                       मौसम तो इंसान के अन्दर होता है ! "

P.S.- This was written in a state of disgust yet satisfaction of having facilitated a meditation,and making others see the light, and yet not being able to do it myself... (strange,isn't it?!)
nevertheless, 'I received'... THANKS to the 'Mirror', and the entire cast (aks ,sugandha, sanjana, shivangi, yamini)co-workers(Apurva,Samira,Diva) of  'मौसम तो इंसान के अन्दर होता है',a dialogue... (
  " Even when times are a mixed bag of fare,
   When tepid or eager highs and lows snare,
    There is a gentle space within me
       Where I can be, as creative as can be! " =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

महफूज़ इन कागज़ों के पन्नो में
एक एहसास है,
महफूज़  इस सफ़ेद रंग में,
रंग कुछ ख़ास हैं |

महफूज़ इस चेहरे में
एक आस है,
महफूज़ इन होटों में
प्यास है |

महफूज़ मुखौटे में
राज़ है,
महफूज़ हर धुन में
साज़ है |

महफूज़ आग में
गर्मी है,
महफूज़ चाँद में
नर्मी है |

महफूज़ इस गहरे कोहरे में
तस्वीर है,
महफूज़ इस दाव में
तकदीर है |

महफूज़ इस काली स्याही में
अमर होने की चाह है,
महफूज़ हर दिशा में
एक राह है |

महफूज़ मोमबत्ती में
पिघलने की  क्षमता है,
महफूज़ इस रुके हुए आसूं  में
पिघली  हुई  ममता  है |

महफूज़ उस  मासूम बच्चे की हसी में
एक अजीब जज़्बात है,
जो भुला दे पल में सारे तनाव
क्या बात है !

महफूज़ उस शीशे में
एक स्थिर आकृति है,
महफूज़ फिर  गिर कर उठने, उठ कर चलने में
ही जागृती है |

महफूज़ उस मदिरा के जाम में
खामोशी है,
महफूज़ आँखों में
मदहोशी है |

महफूज़ हर शतरंज की चाल में
ख्याल है,
महफूज़ क्यों इतने सवाल हैं ?

महफूज़ इस लाल रंग में
यह कैसा गुरूर  है ?
महफूज़ हर जान में
एक आब-रूह है |

राख में ,
         फिराक है... महफूज़
अपने आप में,
         है महफूज़...

In love with the word Mehfuz...

completed on 7.12.09