Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mad Art Attack

'They all think that painting means ultimately you have to end up in an exhibition very fast. What about the artist living the painting he makes; how to make it way of living is important; where is the passion for painting? it has to be instilled in the art school but unfortunately they teach how to make the masterpiece and not how to arrive at it.'

Well.. those are the lines of Prabhakar Kolte that i quote form the Indian Contemporary Art Journal that struck me and (more so) provoked me to blog along with the movie Mona Lisa Smile i just watched.

Barring Kolte's comment on the 'art schools' and making 'masterpieces' (i shall take up that issue some other time) i'd like to dedicate this article on the 'passion' for art.

 'What is art, what makes it good or bad? who decides?'

Is recognition the sole purpose for doing art for an artist?
I am not blogging today, expressing the sentiments of any artists' community but as an individual.
For me, it is not. when i do any piece of art i do not consider whether my audience will appreciate or criticize it. i just do it because i want to do it. they might or might not mean anything at all for the audience, but sometimes they do, for an artist. Not as an antique property that i would wanna obsess over, but probably just preserve it! I paint because i'm passionate about art. i'm passionate about expressing myself through that medium if i choose to. what i'm trying to communicate is that the INTENTION of doing a piece of art(for me) is not fame or money. it is just another medium of expression, irrespective of whether they are ideas or emotions. All i'd like to request the 'audience community' is to appreciate and respect that EXPRESSION irrespective of whether they appreciate that piece of art or not. And as for the artist(me), fame, recognition and money shall come along if it is meant to! (good for me i guess?!) at least it's not the priority!
i do art because it flows through me, and well, anyone or anything that obstructs that flow frustrates me.

I’m not preaching or proposing a progressive revolution. I just want my Freedom. No compromises.

‘not all wanderers are aimless.’

PS: Mona Lisa Smile is a decent watch . =)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


16"X 20"Acrylic on canvas
inspiration: staring too close at the flame of a lighter

'When my synapses pause in my quest for applause
When my ego lets go of my end of the bone
To focus instead on the love that is precious to me
Then I shall be free
I shall be free..

I'll feel the heat of a flickering flame'
The inside of a flame...
The Blue flame...
The Flame.

Not that i had the lyrics in mind when i painted this one.. but i do..when i'm posting to share it.

Anyway , need suggestions for a suitable Title.. pls help! =) 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flute Series

(watercolor on paper)






PS: In memory of my lost 'charm', lost on a 'not-so-unlucky' day! =)
there ain't no LUCK without LOVE and vice-versa. . .

Saturday, May 7, 2011