Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Wonderful Gift

Gifts are such amazing means of expression! Aren't they? Well they are certainly my favourite means of expression, because that’s what I do most of the time. I love giving gifts, whether they be the stupidest and smallest things as a bookmark or anything else. But off late I realized that i feel a little awkward ‘receiving’ gifts from somebody unexpected. Not that healthy is it? Making me all conscious and further messing up things by making me think more, about why A) particular person wants to give me a gift? what is the intent? do they expect anything in return? bla bla. Ah, us humans really know how to make things complicated, don’t we?
But I’m learning to shift perspectives. If i didn't put any thought while ‘giving’a gift, why should I while receiving one?
Incidentally, today was also one of the concluding sessions of a workshop we were having at the centre on self awareness, and i have been chiseled and thrashed with some of the most primal (yet oh-so seemingly difficult) concepts/tools such as free will, love energy and handing over to the universe etc.
And as if i was being tested... Just around noon, i reached home, and was reflecting on the morning i just spent..., the doorbell rang. There IT was, a Wonderful Gift ! As if my inner being smiled just on seeing the yellow packet with a US stamp, I knew it! My ocean home was here. And in an instant i realized, that there is nothing more to gifts than JUST the intent of LOVE. It is the unconditional love energy that the gift carries with it, from the giver as well as the receiver. I most generously thank Brad and Kiki Thome for this beautiful piece of art and their gesture of love. I am exhilarated and most happy. And though Brad told me not to tell anyone :D Here, i am keeping  it ‘safely’ Mehfuz... ;)
Love with Gratitude Brad, keep changing and creating new designs!

It's up and it will be there on my cupboard to always remind me the meaning of gift and gratitude =)

A big thank you to Christopher too, for acting a secret agent of friend, philosopher and guide ;)


A big Thank You, to also a very dear friend, Sreepriya for the most beautiful ‘farewell’ gift, (though i’m not quite sure if farewell would be the right word). Technically she was a junior in college, but personally she has been a co-creator in the most wonderful journey of adventure, philosophy and theatre (i am not sure if i Thanked her well enough earlier :S owing to my awkwardness when i ‘got’ the gift, in truest sense i, received’ it today! =).

A beautiful hand painted Lord Theyyam, there, reminding to pursue Sadhana always and forever  

I hope i will be able to give back so much art and love as much as i’m receiving...
Discovering the joy of life in attitude of gratitude... =)

Thank You.
Love and Light.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Untitled. 22"15".  6.6.13 (First shower storm in the scorching heat in Delhi- Rainy Days are crazy =)

Friday, June 7, 2013