Wednesday, November 30, 2011


All the cold, chilly wind that blows
A wilderness of sensation it evokes.
Creates a whirlpool of emotions in there,
The source of which i'm still finding..oh where?

Rainbows within rainbows, colours are myriad
Words within words, creating a facade.
Words are like nails, if they can fix, they can even cause holes.
All that is left now are two hollow, empty souls.

Covered with polythene, a fresh yet temporary dew
Threads entangled, lots left to sew.

Stitching corners, pleated folds
No more wax in human moulds.

Crossroads are many, closures few
Endless journey, people new.

From dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn
A silent fight, the threads are torn.

Clouds overhead, swayed by pleasure
Threads broken, lost loved treasure.

The ends loose,
unable to fuse.
The ends lost,
how much really does a new thread cost?!


Monday, November 28, 2011


A slight
    gentle                     WHISPER...

ABA series. 1).Whisper. 2011. 15 X 22 inches [charcoal,coffee & pencil colours on paper].  Collection: Anwesha Bose

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Coz I'm Sticking To You!

So in my study phase of art, some time back i was asked by my teacher to do a 'Copy-work', wherein she wanted to see my skills at how well I copy a piece of art .Even though that never really happened, owing to my wandering mind when it comes to art, and abstraction that I often indulge in (AND lack of patience when it comes to IMITATION!)

Nevertheless, I selected Anupam Sud's 'My Feminine Side' for reference, and compiled it into my own composition which i title 'Hair/ Coz I'm Sticking To You'. This work of mine is autobiographical and contextual at the same time. I may say, that it 'reflects' a lot things for me ranging from the Literal meaning of Hair,to metaphorically- questioning Attachments, Existence, Identity and Sexuality.

 Do note, that the the two eyes of the woman are distinct. (they were intended that way!)

Looking forward for your Feedback!

Reference: Anupam Sud's- My Feminine Side

Hair/ Coz I'm Sticking To You  .2011. [A3] Pencils and water based pencils on paper.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Color Mixer

For the art aficionado that i am, this past week has been truly amazing for me;full of art events, people and activities. From an intriguing discourse on Public art and installations by Ma'am Shukla Sawant as part of my art appreciation course, attending a solo exhibition by my art 'teacher' Ma'am Kanchan Chander, a solo exhibition of performance artist Ms Manmeet Devgun, a theatrical performance of my directorial venture 'A World of Scarecrows' a mental health awareness stage play at one of the Hospital's medical watching Ingmar Bergman's Persona! All in all,  a visual treat!
As i look back and introspect and retrospect today, i feel a sense of satisfaction, entering the art world and yet maintaining my headbent decision of studying psychology, and integrating the two worlds where ever possible. Well, i realized that the two are inseparable. There is art in psychology and psychology in art! It is a kind of symbiotic relationship!
As much as i'd wanna share more and more, time is running out! So its now the time for The Rabbit to run!

Burnt in the ashes of time,
tasting the soot of happiness.
Rubbing against forehead as mark of resolution
The Reign of dilettante shall not be a delusion!
The 'i-ye imagination' shall burn with a fire of passion
in thousands of hearts, with thousands of ambitions...
untitled. poster colours on paper. 2011 22''x15''
untitled coloured ink on paper. 2011 22''x15''
untitled  coloured ink on paper. 2011 22''x15''

To read more:
> Kanchan Chander solo

>and i recommend all those who like to carefully study theatre,film,psychology,silence,truth,love or are simply the explorers of self to watch the film Persona by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman! (i shall soon write more about it)
Stay Happy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hazel eyes!

Found a new friend- Hazel ! She's the most calmest, softest and cleanest stray dog, i've ever come across!
Love to put her to sleep! =)