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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Finally!! I grabbed my copy and read it immediately... breathing a sigh of relief after having read it! It was strange about feeling that Part 4 was always there (or maybe I didn't remember where it ended before reading the new edition). Needs no justification or explanation. 
It's also feels complete now that i think back and realize that strangely i never kept JLS for myself. Always read it in a library and gifted it to friends. Time is a mysterious entity i guess ;)

JLS is a treasure... will always be... so close to my heart! :)


More than anything else, Jonathan Livingston Seagull loved to fly.

PS: Thanks to Sito, else I would have totally missed out on this considering how lost I usually am from the real world. :D

Sunday, May 3, 2015

paper boat

There's so much to share write paint draw because suddenly all of it is coming back, i wish i can do that soon (in dire need of a sabbatical)!

i wanted to paint Ouroboros quite sometime back when i discovered it personally because instantly I could connect to the meaning and symbology behind this cultural symbol. however circumstances were such that the painting got spoiled then.

nevertheless, after two years of living the symbol (the numen) academically and personally, i managed to muster up the courage to re-draw it with much more enhanced understanding of Self and Psyche!

"Kagazon ki kashtiyon ka kahin kinaara hota nahi, O maajhi re!
(paper boats don't have a river bank, O boatman!)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


All the cold, chilly wind that blows
A wilderness of sensation it evokes.
Creates a whirlpool of emotions in there,
The source of which i'm still finding..oh where?

Rainbows within rainbows, colours are myriad
Words within words, creating a facade.
Words are like nails, if they can fix, they can even cause holes.
All that is left now are two hollow, empty souls.

Covered with polythene, a fresh yet temporary dew
Threads entangled, lots left to sew.

Stitching corners, pleated folds
No more wax in human moulds.

Crossroads are many, closures few
Endless journey, people new.

From dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn
A silent fight, the threads are torn.

Clouds overhead, swayed by pleasure
Threads broken, lost loved treasure.

The ends loose,
unable to fuse.
The ends lost,
how much really does a new thread cost?!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

महफूज़ इन कागज़ों के पन्नो में
एक एहसास है,
महफूज़  इस सफ़ेद रंग में,
रंग कुछ ख़ास हैं |

महफूज़ इस चेहरे में
एक आस है,
महफूज़ इन होटों में
प्यास है |

महफूज़ मुखौटे में
राज़ है,
महफूज़ हर धुन में
साज़ है |

महफूज़ आग में
गर्मी है,
महफूज़ चाँद में
नर्मी है |

महफूज़ इस गहरे कोहरे में
तस्वीर है,
महफूज़ इस दाव में
तकदीर है |

महफूज़ इस काली स्याही में
अमर होने की चाह है,
महफूज़ हर दिशा में
एक राह है |

महफूज़ मोमबत्ती में
पिघलने की  क्षमता है,
महफूज़ इस रुके हुए आसूं  में
पिघली  हुई  ममता  है |

महफूज़ उस  मासूम बच्चे की हसी में
एक अजीब जज़्बात है,
जो भुला दे पल में सारे तनाव
क्या बात है !

महफूज़ उस शीशे में
एक स्थिर आकृति है,
महफूज़ फिर  गिर कर उठने, उठ कर चलने में
ही जागृती है |

महफूज़ उस मदिरा के जाम में
खामोशी है,
महफूज़ आँखों में
मदहोशी है |

महफूज़ हर शतरंज की चाल में
ख्याल है,
महफूज़ क्यों इतने सवाल हैं ?

महफूज़ इस लाल रंग में
यह कैसा गुरूर  है ?
महफूज़ हर जान में
एक आब-रूह है |

राख में ,
         फिराक है... महफूज़
अपने आप में,
         है महफूज़...

In love with the word Mehfuz...

completed on 7.12.09