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Sunday, May 3, 2015

paper boat

There's so much to share write paint draw because suddenly all of it is coming back, i wish i can do that soon (in dire need of a sabbatical)!

i wanted to paint Ouroboros quite sometime back when i discovered it personally because instantly I could connect to the meaning and symbology behind this cultural symbol. however circumstances were such that the painting got spoiled then.

nevertheless, after two years of living the symbol (the numen) academically and personally, i managed to muster up the courage to re-draw it with much more enhanced understanding of Self and Psyche!

"Kagazon ki kashtiyon ka kahin kinaara hota nahi, O maajhi re!
(paper boats don't have a river bank, O boatman!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Circumference and the center

In a self-centered circle, he goes round and round,
That he is a wonder is true;
For who but an egotist ever could be
Circumference and center, too.
                                                                   -Sarah Fells, "The Egotist."

Slow me down- Emmy Rossum

Friday, February 11, 2011


न -अहम्  चक्रम  अस्मि
अहम्  तु  केवलं  तस्य  एकम  बिंदु  अस्मि...
An exploration... from Aham 'अहम्' to Maha 'माहा'

"Bindu is variously described by teachers as the essence of speech (sabdatattva), unsound word, Brahman Kundalini, the stable, knowledge, energy, the transcendent one, the primal sound, the great 'maya', the void and unstruck sound.
Bindu, literally meaning a drop or a point, 'drapsa' in Vedic Sanskrit, and 'avayava', body according to Panini, prominently refers to the point which goes to form a material body of the universe.
Mahabindu or simply bindu is said to be the seed of creation. It is this manifest form of 'thisness' from which the whole creation receives its nourishment.
Mahabindu has two aspects, one being that of evolution from which everything proceeds, is maintained and nourished, while the other is that of involution in which everything goes back to the source and finally merges in i-consciousness"

"Force without face
Matrix of forms
And rampant against forms
In space an eye without face contemplates"
-Henri Michaux