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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Violet- Gold


Firstly, the bad news is that i've stopped WRITING the journal. Good thing is that i'm blogging. ;) I should write more...been procrastinating since a long time. As the journey to psychology keeps getting close, somehow developing the skill of writing seems imperative. Nevertheless, may be i'll go back to writing the journal every week, or at least will try to blog.
'Excuses' for all this is that lots of things are happening. Classifying them broadly in 2 categories: Theatre and Psychology.

Last week was crazy. I was asked to help in making some props to be used in a production facilitated by my theatre teacher/s. I was supposed to make 4 "abstract flutes/pipes". Now how does one make an abstract flute?! This involved a lot of trial and error. Finally agreed upon making the flutes with plastic water-bottles, since Sir quite appreciates my effort of re-cycling stuff. Raw structure-done! Now comes the difficult part- the colour and decoration of these flutes! crazy crazy. tried multiple colours-silver, gold, blue, orange. But ended up with the beautiful violet-gold. My love and association with violet-gold light keeps strengthening over the years...i love the way this light energy guides me through.

Another theatre venture that i've undertaken recently is that I'm directing a play. Just a psychology department initiative, but extremely special for me, because i think this is going be my last directorial venture. This play is also special because it is another perspective to another play that i did before. So i like to call it- Black White Etc II. We've picked up the theme of exploring the experience of Motherhood through the eyes of the women (and not the child, as psychology often does). Need your blessings in successful communication and exploration that i hope to do with this piece of art.

Also started my project of understanding the Meditation chakras and it's symbolism, thanks to Carl Jung! Let's see where this goes now...

Moreover, amidst all this psychodrama of life, paid a visit to explore raw idols of one of the Indian Mother Archetype... ;)
~ Embracing and seeking to know 'Ma'. Happy Durga Puja to all!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eat Pray Love

To Hazel,

               With Love...

Hazel's gone. I don't see her around anymore. I have spent some beautiful moments with her. She was the first animal i've ever been so close to, hugged and kissed. She was a supreme experience of love. She'll always be special. I hope wherever she is, she's happy and safe. And i'm sure i'll meet her again...May be not as a D-O-G but may be as G-O-D.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pyasa 1

Up early morning today.. it is 5 am. 24 hours of power cut at home. some problem in wiring and fuse at home. This means that the inverter dragged itself beyond its capacities and ultimately went off at 2 in the morning. This also means that I haven't slept at all for more than 24 hours. Not tired yet.. Used to it..but by choice..not with so much of distraction and discomfort to accompany it. Anyway, i decided that i'm not gonna waste my time anymore (since i already wasted the night lying on the bed and staring at the fan). I have been thinking of writing the following post since a long time now..
So today I'm going to highlight the principle of Classical Conditioning. Every psychology student is well aware of this widely used, tested and applied learning principle .
However, today I'm not going to explain it the traditional Pavlovian way of experiment involving a dog,bell jar and measuring the salivary responses, but i'm just relating it to a recent observation in my daily life.
These days dad and i have split our duties to water plants. Dad waters them 6 in the morning and I, 6 in the evening. It has become a routine now.. 6pm and i'm up on the terrace religiously fulfilling my duty to 'recharge' the plants. However, it is not JUST the plants that i recharge. As days went by, i noticed a routinely visit of crows on the earthen pot kept there to satiate 'their' thirst in the scorching heat. ['their' applies to the bird kingdom, flies and squirrels, however crows seem to rule the 'water supply' in this case]
Classical Conditioning is a basic form of learning in which an original, neutral stimulus by repeated pairing with a stimulus that normally elicits a responses comes to elicit a similar or even identical response. In this, 2 stimulus events become associated in such a way that the occurrence of one event reliably predicts the occurrence of other.

I noticed that as soon as i refill the earthen pot, the crows start lining up on the railing of the balcony and near the pot to consume water.
That gives us our first phase, Before conditioning which can be represented as:
Unconditioned Stimulus(UCS)    --->     Unconditioned Response(UCR)
water                                                    thirst/ [since we can't measure, i'll take it as lining up of crows].

As I decided to observe the behaviour of crows, I made a loud screeching sound of the terrace door near the water area and then shortly after presented water in the pot. This brings us to the second During the conditioning wherein the CS is paired with USC to elicit the UCR:

Conditioned stimulus(CS)  + Unconditioned stimulus (UCS) ---> Unconditioned Response(UCR)
screech of the door                            water                                             lining up of crows
On repeated pairing in the second phase(as shown above) I observed that the crows started lining up for water just on hearing the screeching sound even when the water was not presented. This shows that learning in behaviour has taken place After the Conditioning phase.
 Conditioned stimulus(CS) ---> Conditioned Response(CR)
 screech of the door                         lining up of crows
Well thanks to Classical Conditioning, I made new friends... It's nice to see them drink water! =)
 Watch the original experiment of Classical Conditioning by the Behaviourist Ivan Pavlov.

[ wrote it on May 21st, publishing it today.]

Happy World Environment Day! Please love nature! =D

Friday, April 13, 2012


Inspired by Hazel, i had made a sketch of her as an incentive to practice figurative art a few months back, but never really acknowledged it! (coz i believed i sort of spoiled it due to bad shading) Nonetheless, worked on it as a graphic and had some fun.

                                                                                                          pencil on paper(A4)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Amidst Ruins

Favourite Place. Favourite People. Favourite Date. Favourite Trees. 

some captured moments of Hauz Khas ruins, beside the lake on February 13,2012
with people i always love to be with- Aks,[Anwesha's omnipresence], Maitreyi, Ritz & Prateek.

Read about Hauz Khas Complex- Hauz Khas Complex

Saturday, March 31, 2012


So these days every other girl wants to be model eh? Have you realized lately,that every other girl is seen posing in an anticipation of getting her dream portfolio made!? =/
So how could my beloved Hazel be left behind in the race? well, the sad part is that she has become very temperamental these days...[and yes i'm missing her] she remains dirty,doesn't take care of herself even if she's cleaned, still craves for the warmth but doesn't reciprocate much, i don't see her around much, specially not regularly when she would wait for my friend and me in the same spot for my early morning class..summer blues i guess. But nevertheless, sharing some of her old photographs...
She's soo sexy, isn't she?! ;) :P

Direction and photography: Maitreyi and myself

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Light and Shadow!

Just one of those days, when you're intrigued by shadow and light! ;)

People in the shadows: Maitreyi and me.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


All the cold, chilly wind that blows
A wilderness of sensation it evokes.
Creates a whirlpool of emotions in there,
The source of which i'm still finding..oh where?

Rainbows within rainbows, colours are myriad
Words within words, creating a facade.
Words are like nails, if they can fix, they can even cause holes.
All that is left now are two hollow, empty souls.

Covered with polythene, a fresh yet temporary dew
Threads entangled, lots left to sew.

Stitching corners, pleated folds
No more wax in human moulds.

Crossroads are many, closures few
Endless journey, people new.

From dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn
A silent fight, the threads are torn.

Clouds overhead, swayed by pleasure
Threads broken, lost loved treasure.

The ends loose,
unable to fuse.
The ends lost,
how much really does a new thread cost?!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hazel eyes!

Found a new friend- Hazel ! She's the most calmest, softest and cleanest stray dog, i've ever come across!
Love to put her to sleep! =)