Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Entangling myself in your intricately woven tapestries.
I dance, dancing the thousand dances of your woeful love
Patiently waiting for the yarn to make me feel its softness and lightness of being.
The paroxysms of your rage making me giddy
I translate the dizziness as I swirl the strokes of my brush to create daubs you'll never forget.
With it I whirl, not waiting to be held by you or anyone
Not wanting to be untangled or untied.
Come join me
Weave me


  1. Namaste sister Bani; a very interesting post. I enjoyed this poem, it makes me think, and I loved the similes. Take care sister, it is nice getting linked back to your site.

    In Lak' ech, prosper with love.... live with patience...

  2. Dear bani

    I am exceedingly glad to be able to visit your posts again.

    I love this poem. Dancing and weaving are two ways by which we can express
    What we see and hear in our inner core. Both give us options to express that inner joy, that inner gratitude, we twirl in dance like yarn in weaving, we become our true self...

    1. thank youu!! so glad to hear from you again! was missing you. eagerly waiting for leafdrops =)